Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! I know I haven’t been on here for a short while but I am back for a new entry. I received an amazing testimonial from one of my great clients Leanna Baucum from the Texas area. I have worked with her for a few years starting with graphics for her personal training business to our second photoshoot at the beach. I got to see my logo design on her shirts on TV with Daytime with Kimberly & Esteban and her feature in PopSugar Fitness. It is always great working with her. Thank you again on this amazing video testimonial. Please view it below! It’s awesome.

Message me today if you want to setup a photoshoot in Los Angeles, CA and if you are need of design graphics for your personal brand/business or tell a friend who is need of either-or. I am available to assist you today.


Happy Wednesday! Reflecting upon a recent photoshoot I shot last weekend with personal trainer Nicole Zapoli and others for a swimwear line called MY.O Swimwear. I met Nicole last spring of 2017 during a event for Jeanette Ortega for her new book, “The little Black Book of Fitness” where she one of the co-authors for it. We remained in touch online since we met in the spring. It was our first photoshoot and we shot in the area of Carlsbad, CA at the New Village Arts theatre in the San Diego area. We shot in the mid afternoon using all natural light and some flash for fill for both indoors and outdoors. I used my Nikon d750 with my 28-300 lenNik with my Flashpoint Evolv 200 for fill flash. We captured overall nice photos with the fellow models with the swimsuits in a variety of spots around the location we were at including a railroad station. They were all fun to work with. I attached a few photos from the this event. Looking forward to doing it again!

Picture highlights are below…

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Candid photo with the team after the photoshoot.

Candid photo with the team after the photoshoot.

Joe Mikoli, Freelance Graphic Designer and a published photographer

Joe Mikoli is an experienced Freelance Graphic Designer with over a decade of extensive hands-on expertise and a published photographer in Southern California.

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