Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week so far. I am showcasing a new slideshow with fitness model and Prosupps sponsored athlete Cristina Sawh from a summer photoshoot. She was in the Southern California area preparing for a fitness competition in San Diego and her physique looked flawless for the stage. Hope you like the photography work. Thank you!

Photoshoot with ProSupps sponsored athlete Cristina Sawh

Happy Thursday! Sorry, I have been lagging on my blog. Last weekend was awesome with few photoshoots I did with a few fitness models in the San Diego area including the amazing Prosupps sponsored athlete Cristina Sawh. We shot at the beautiful Windesea beach in the afternoon. The weather was warm and beautiful but with high tides with large amounts of people.  However,  we managed to capture a great amount of beautiful photos showcasing her physique in and out of the water with both dress and swimwear. She is competing in an NPC fitness competition this weekend in San Diego. For the photoshoot, I used both my 50mm lens for majority of the shots and last portion of the shoot with my 80-200 so I can zoom in on the shots so my equipment won't get wet since Cristina was in the water.  We both survived the shoot and came home with great photos from this shoot.  It was a few months in the making. Thank you Cristina. It was fun. 




Edited photo of prosupps sponsored athlete Cristina Sawh at Windensea beach 


Photo of Cristina and I after our successful photoshoot.