The Fitposium 2019 conference was great.

Being this my second time attending the conference, I had a good time connecting with new individuals along with past attendees from last year in the health and wellness space as one of the photographer attendees and learning new techniques to improve my brand with their latest educational sessions from different speakers. Chris Harder rocked the house with his keynote presentation, portfolio reviews were good by top print fitness magazines and Jamie Eason closing it with her story. Keep up the great work Fitposium team.

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Happy Thursday!

I’m starting to shatter ceilings with the art of storytelling. I want to share an audio interview i did last week with Wilson Feliz of the Veteran Brother podcast for his Episode #14. I know some of you may be interested in knowing more about me and my creative background, please take a listen anywhere you are at. The links are below for your listening pleasure!

It is my first time being in a solo interview on sharing my story of my success in the creative arts. Majority of this interview is solely based on my work within the graphic arts and photography in the health and fitness industry. Some of the areas that were discussed include my creative background, how I got started in the health and fitness industry as a graphic designer leading to becoming a photographer in the same industry, I share some my own thoughts in certain areas of both design and photography, some highlights in my creative career and much more. I hope you like what you heard in this interview. I want to thank again Wilson for giving me the opportunity of being interviewed on his podcast and sharing my story.

I also want to mention and thank James Silvas of “Be That 1% , Lisa Simone Richards, James Patrick, founder of Fitposium and his book, “Fit Business Guide” for their guidance to eliminate the fear, taking the necessary action steps and get out there to show who you are in your brand. I am looking forward to more podcast interviews in the future.

Lastly, reflecting back on the beginning of my journey on my success within the health & fitness industry as a creative talent, I am very humbled and i thank you all for being a part of it. Please let me know your thoughts if you have any on my first interview and yes i was nervous! lol

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Cover Art of Veteran Brother podcast

Cover Art of Veteran Brother podcast

My weekend at the 2018 Fitposium conference

Wow, looking back at last weekend was pretty awesome! I had a great time in the state of Arizona for the first time to take part of the Fitposium 2018 conference. I enjoyed my time at this conference. It focused on people working or continuing working on their brands within the fitness industry for fitness entrepreneurs. For myself, I was able to get my portfolio reviewed by editors of larger fitness magazines such as Strong Fitness, Fitness magazine from Australia and Oxygen. All of them liked my fitness photography work which made my day.  The conference itself was great with amazing speakers whom I saw on Saturday. I received many tips from them throughout their presentations which benefited my brand. I also saw familiar faces whom I worked with in the past and met new faces as well. It was a great weekend for myself!! On a last note, I want to thank again James Patrick, the founder of Fitposium reaching out to me on this and the conference really benefited me on different levels. Thank you.

Fitposium founder James Patrick, his fiancé Kelly Marie and I during the networking mixer

Fitposium founder James Patrick, his fiancé Kelly Marie and I during the networking mixer