Happy Sunday Everyone! It has been a while since I wrote a blog entry. I want to share some photos during my time at Candy Cane in Woodland Hills, CA early this month. Candy Cane Lane is a seasonal event that has neighbors in different neighborhoods showcasing their holiday lights and setup decorations of their house for the new holiday season. It is very popular and has been around for a while. The photos are attached.


Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  I checked out for the first time, the Santa Anita Park where they have horse racing. I was in the area attending 626 Night Market consisting variety of foods and the park was near by. It was near sunset and wanted to catch a glimpse of it before the sun is out. I captured some great photos with my Note 8 mobile since my DSLR camera was in the car during my quick visit and they are here via slideshows. The Note 8 captures beautiful photos though. Hope you like them. Have a great day! 


Happy Sunday! I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip at the Hoover Dam which lies between Arizona and the Nevada borders. It was my first time going to this location and it was amazing even though it had some high winds at times.  I captured some great photos throughout this location and they are here via a slideshow. Hope you like them. Have a great week. 



Hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day! Mine was good as well. My day started last Saturday, I went on a hike at the Desert Hot Springs with a fashion model whom we decided to do a photoshoot there. It took around a hour to get to this location from the parking lot after hour and half drive from the OC area. We got to explore the glorious mountains and cliffs throughout this trek to the photoshoot destination. I did capture beautiful photos of these mountains with both my mobile phone and my DSLR camera.  It was really jaw dropping with the some of the shots I captured with the beautiful weather but hot at the same time. The photoshoot with the fashion model was great. Some of the landscape pics of the desert hot springs are attached.

Mother's day was little different for me. I did celebrate this glorious day with my mom and dad. However, I injured my foot with a bad blister which broke open severely at my hike yesterday and captured a sunburn to. I was not prepared for this hike. I felt bad and couldn't do a lot Sunday but did manage to celebrate it with food takeout. I also had to cancel an afternoon engagement for a small gathering with a model friend of mine which was unfortunate. On another good note,  My younger brother got the keys to his first house he purchased.  Congrats and I am very happy for him. Looking forward to embrace a new week with positive vibes. 

Pic of my Mom and I from January 2018. 

Pic of my Mom and I from January 2018.