Happy Friday everyone! Hope all of you had a great week ! I am showcasing a new slideshow with fitness model and personal trainer Tesera Dunnigan from our first photoshoot this summer. She is from the Canada area and was on vacation in sunny Southern California. They were all photographed in the late afternoon and the sunset using both natural light and a speed light on a camera bracket. Hope you all like the photos. Thank you.

Contact me today if you are seeking a fitness/lifestyle photographer. More of my work can be seen on my site and my Instagram at @jmikoli_designphoto . Looking forward to working with you.


Had a nice Saturday morning at Cal State University, Long Beach assisting the Kaiser Permanente booth with carnival games for the annual Special Olympics. It was my first time volunteering for this type of event and it was fun. Great seeing some of the athletes who competed yesterday and had a nice time playing our games. Our games consisted of bean bag toss, jenga, and tossing balls in the bottle with prizes consisting of sunglasses, keychains and bags. Overall, everyone received a prize for participating and winning the games. We also captured a photo with Mickie and Minnie mouse at the Disney booth before we wrapped up our day! Good times!!! Thank you!

Volunteering for the 2019 Special Olympics with Kaiser Permanente 6-8-2019

Volunteering for the 2019 Special Olympics with Kaiser Permanente 6-8-2019

MY DAY AS THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR AIGA LOS ANGELES LECTURE "Creativity without Borders: Design Practices between Mexico and California"

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend! I wanted to share photos from a past photography job I did for a recent AIGA Los Angeles lecture, “Creativity without Borders” with some amazing artists.

Agustín González Garza, Agustín was born and raised in Mexico City and relocated to United States to study Fine Arts and Graphic Design. He is an AIGA Fellow, has served on the AIGA national board and as president of AIGA/LA Chapter. For over 30 years, his firm Garza Group has created comprehensive branding programs in the US and Latin America for significant clients such as the country of Mexico, American Express, Mexico City, Reichmann International, and the City of Los Angeles, among others.

Jorge Gracia
Jorge Gracia is an Architect based in Tijuana, Founder and principal of GRACIASTUDIO; Recipient of multiple awards and recognition within the practice of architecture, including “Design Vanguard” from Architectural Record, Emerging Voices from the Architectural League of New York and “Best of the best” from Red Dot Awards in Germany. Founder of “Escuela Libre de Arquitectura” a School of Architecture based on Tijuana’s red light District.

Sami Hayek
Hayek is a Mexican designer based in Los Angeles with the believe that the spaces and objects people interact with, have a direct effect on one’s health and behavior. As a response to this philosophy, for over 20 years he has been designing and making projects in different scales and disciplines, with the intention to create a more joyful and healthier way of living. As a continuation to this thought, he has engaged the artisans of remote communities in Mexico to teach them how to use their skills and traditional materials to make High-end design rather than folk art.

Rebeca Méndez
Rebeca Méndez is an award winning artist, designer, tenured UCLA Design Media Arts professor (serving as CounterForce Lab director — a research and fieldwork studio for art, design and environment) and leads Rebeca Méndez Studio LA. An AIGA Medalist, Rebeca has been featured in countless museums, is a highly sought after speaker and used her skills/art to produce positive social change for the world. Her interests and initiatives are a bridge between art, design and science, and demonstrate a commitment to the environment and a sustainable future.

Some of the photos from this event are below in the gallery for your viewing!

I am available to photograph your next event. My work can be seen at Contact me today at .

My photoshoot with Personal Trainer Melina Santagati

Happy Thursday everyone!  I wanted to share my recent photoshoot from this past weekend with personal trainer and fitness model Melina Santagati. It was my first time photographing her and we shot at Corriganville Park in Simi Valley, CA area in the afternoon. We captured beautiful photos with her beautiful physique in a variety of outfits including fitness and fashion. Majority of the photos were shot with a single speedlight or the AD200 with her. We started shooting in the late morning to the early afternoon. It was a fun photoshoot and was great shooting with Melina. She was fun to work with. Can't wait to show some edited pics from this shoot soon.  Have a great day.

Personal Trainer Melina Santagati and I after our photoshoot

Personal Trainer Melina Santagati and I after our photoshoot

First edited photo of personal trainer Melina Santagati

First edited photo of personal trainer Melina Santagati


Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.  I have been editing photos from another trip last month consisting of an exhibit called That's from Disneyland in Southern California area which was free to attend and look at. It consisted of old props from old Disneyland attractions and they are being auctioned off.  I captured some great photos throughout this exhibit and they are here via slideshows. Hope you like them. Have a great day! 

My super packed weekend at PhotoconLA 2018

Hello everyone,  I just got back a little while ago from my first visit at the Photocon in the Los Angeles, California area. Photocon consists of variety of classes and panels within the creative arts field such as photo and video along with an expo you can purchase and sample items. I was at this event for all 3 days since this Friday.  I benefited from this a variety of ways with the knowledge I acquired from some of the speakers, received my new complimentary headshot shot by pro photographer Bobbi Lane which I'll be using for my new rebrand. I also printed three large prints of my work consisting of birds, landscapes and a yoga sunset featuring Jeanette Ortega of Extreme results fitness and her new Bootoga.  Her yoga sunset piece will be part of a raffle this coming week for a fundraiser to raise funds for an upcoming trip to Nicaragua in to help orphaned kids and others at a tavern in the San Fernando valley, CA area. Pretty excited about it since it is my first time donating a piece of my work for a special cause. I'm planning to attend this fundraiser for a little bit. I also received more tips on how to handle social media to get more traction and opportunities as well and of course,  more lighting techniques to improve my lighting to its full potential.  It was fulfilling and enjoyed it.  Lastly,  I want to wish everyone a great week ahead of us.  I can't believe we are almost in the middle of June. Time flies! Take care!