Had a nice Saturday morning at Cal State University, Long Beach assisting the Kaiser Permanente booth with carnival games for the annual Special Olympics. It was my first time volunteering for this type of event and it was fun. Great seeing some of the athletes who competed yesterday and had a nice time playing our games. Our games consisted of bean bag toss, jenga, and tossing balls in the bottle with prizes consisting of sunglasses, keychains and bags. Overall, everyone received a prize for participating and winning the games. We also captured a photo with Mickie and Minnie mouse at the Disney booth before we wrapped up our day! Good times!!! Thank you!

Volunteering for the 2019 Special Olympics with Kaiser Permanente 6-8-2019

Volunteering for the 2019 Special Olympics with Kaiser Permanente 6-8-2019


Happy Sunday! The video from the 61 Mile Walk around Las Vegas in 24 hours is released. It can be viewable via the link below on your available time to feel the struggle and the triumph of this walk day with these amazing participants including myself and James Silvas of Be That One Percent who completed it all in 25 hours. You will not be disappointed. Great job to the videographer Dre Vasquez of Solution Filming capturing the amazing footage. A day to remember!   Thank you!

As mentioned earlier, the video is below for your viewing pleasure.

Please check it out!

Video capturing the 61 Mile Walk that was completed April 27th 3am - Sunday April 28th 4:30am 2019. Watch this video to feel the struggle and the triumph of these amazing participants. Stay tuned for the next walk which will happen in 2020. Dates to be announced soon. Connect with James Silvas of Be That One Percent through IG and FB @James_Silvas . Video Shot & Edited by Dre Vasquez of Solution Filming.


Happy Saturday everyone! Can’t believe we are about to approach April in a matter of almost 1 day. I wanted to share some photos I shot with a local gym called Fitness Unlimited shot this month. Some of their gym members participated in the 2019 Pasadena Triathlon and I have attached a few photos from this event. It was fun shooting this and got to work with another photographer who captured pictures for the ones I couldn’t get. Each of the members earned a metal and all of them had a great time. Weather was cloudy when we arrived around 7am and the sun finally appeared close to 10am. It was a fun overall event. I attached a few photos from the event below.

I am an event photographer and I am available to photograph your upcoming event for both indoor and outdoors. Contact me today at for more information and rates. Samples of my event work can be viewed at . Thank you!


Happy Saturday everyone! Hope all of you are having a great new year so far! I am showcasing a new slideshow with fitness model and life coach Courtney Tillia from our first photoshoot last fall which was recently published in an issue of Prototype magazine. They were all photographed in the late afternoon and the sunset! Hope you like the photography work using both natural light and a speed light on a camera bracket. Thank you.


Happy New Year everyone! Hope all of you are having a great week so far. I was just published for the latest issue of Prototype magazine with the amazing fitness model, fit mom and life coach Courtney Tillia. We shot at Playa Del Rey beach last year in the month of November with variety of outfits using both natural light and speedlights pending on the outdoor lighting conditions. The tear sheets are below and you can also grab an issue today at

You can view more of my photo/design work on Instagram at and Courtney Tillia is at

Thank you.

My day at the Los Angeles Zoo Lights

Happy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to share my opening night visit from a few days ago from LA Zoo lights at the Los Angeles Zoo. This event showcases a variety of colored lights for a nice nighttime holiday light experience throughout the zoo. The opening night had a few special guests such as a tv actor and a baseball player speaking about the Zoo lights. This event is usually shown during the holiday season. I also captured variety of nighttime photos with my DSLR camera. I had a nice time with some photos are attached. I do recommend attending and checking it out if you are a fan of holiday lights. Does anyone have recommendations on other beautiful holiday lighting shows?

You can view more of my photography work on Instagram at

My photoshoot with Fitness Model and CPT Jessica Kiernan

Happy Monday everyone!  I wanted to share my recent photoshoot from last weekend with personal trainer and fitness model Jessica Kiernan. We have both shot together a few times and this time was another awesome shoot in the area of Calabasas, CA. We shot in the late afternoon using both natural light and some flash. We captured beautiful photos with her beautiful physique in a variety of outfits including fitness and fashion. Majority of the photos were shot with a single speedlight/ and or natural light. We captured some great photos highlighting her physique. She is always fun to work with. Can't wait to show some more edited pics from this shoot soon. One of them is attached in this entry. Have a great day.