Photoshoot with Fitness Writer Dr. Stacey Naito

Happy Friday! Sorry for the absence for a short while.  I am back though. I wanted to share my recent photoshoot with the amazing Dr. Stacey Naito. It was my second time working with Stacey since our first one from last summer for the BFW magazine. We shot at Corriganville Park in the Simi Valley, CA area. We captured beautiful photos with her beautiful physique in a variety of beautiful dresses. Most of the photos were photographed with the natural light and some flash since we started shooting in the evening. It was a fun photoshoot and was great catching up with Stacey since I last saw her. Can't wait to show some edited pics from this shoot soon.  Have a great weekend. See you guys in September! 


My photoshoot with fitness model and personal trainer Natalia Kahn

Happy Friday! I had an amazing photoshoot with CPT Natalia Kahn this Wednesday.  We shot at Lower Arroyo Park in Pasadena, CA. The photos turned out beautiful with her amazing physique. She came into town to photograph with me before she was going to travel to Thailand to celebrate her birthday.  Her personality was charismatic and a pleasure to work with. Thank you again Natalia.  Looking forward to doing it again in the near future. 


Unedited photo of Natalia Kahn


My super packed weekend at PhotoconLA 2018

Hello everyone,  I just got back a little while ago from my first visit at the Photocon in the Los Angeles, California area. Photocon consists of variety of classes and panels within the creative arts field such as photo and video along with an expo you can purchase and sample items. I was at this event for all 3 days since this Friday.  I benefited from this a variety of ways with the knowledge I acquired from some of the speakers, received my new complimentary headshot shot by pro photographer Bobbi Lane which I'll be using for my new rebrand. I also printed three large prints of my work consisting of birds, landscapes and a yoga sunset featuring Jeanette Ortega of Extreme results fitness and her new Bootoga.  Her yoga sunset piece will be part of a raffle this coming week for a fundraiser to raise funds for an upcoming trip to Nicaragua in to help orphaned kids and others at a tavern in the San Fernando valley, CA area. Pretty excited about it since it is my first time donating a piece of my work for a special cause. I'm planning to attend this fundraiser for a little bit. I also received more tips on how to handle social media to get more traction and opportunities as well and of course,  more lighting techniques to improve my lighting to its full potential.  It was fulfilling and enjoyed it.  Lastly,  I want to wish everyone a great week ahead of us.  I can't believe we are almost in the middle of June. Time flies! Take care!