The Fitposium 2019 conference was great.

Being this my second time attending the conference, I had a good time connecting with new individuals along with past attendees from last year in the health and wellness space as one of the photographer attendees and learning new techniques to improve my brand with their latest educational sessions from different speakers. Chris Harder rocked the house with his keynote presentation, portfolio reviews were good by top print fitness magazines and Jamie Eason closing it with her story. Keep up the great work Fitposium team.

View the slideshow post featuring highlights from my time at Fitposium 2019 this past weekend. 



Hope everyone is having an amazing week! I wanted to share my day from August 24, 2019 of my first attendance at the D23 expo held every 2 years around late summer in Anaheim, CA. This expo showcases upcoming projects for the world of Disney, including Disney itself, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and more. They also hold exhibits, games, shopping areas for the people in attendance. There were loads of people who attended and a lot of them came from different states for this event. I had a great time seeing all of these exhibits and was able to take photos of them while in attendance. Pics are coming soon and will post on here sometime. A parade was also held that day as well which was fun seeing. Overall, I had a great time attending this event. I believe it everyone should attend this if you are a Disney fan and even Star Wars or a Marvel fan. There is something for everyone. Check it out!

At the D23 Fan Event Expo in Anaheim, CA August 24, 2019

At the D23 Fan Event Expo in Anaheim, CA August 24, 2019


Giving special thanks to The Fox Shop for this cool collaboration on a few photography products in my camera bag. Thank you to the team at the Fox Shop for contacting me on this gracious opportunity to share my favorite products I use for my photoshoots.
A slideshow is attached to view the products I use at regularly at my photoshoots pending on the location and present lighting scenario.
The link to view my product selections and viewing of some of my photography work. ! Great other collaborators on the site!

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Happy Thursday! Had a nice Tuesday evening attending my first book tour for author Chris Guillebeau promoting his new book, “100 Side Hustles” and it showcased his best stories with 100 amazing people of their side businesses/gigs he covered in his podcast. His hit podcast, Side Hustle School is also a great listen and it was great meeting him for a minute in person since we had to leave the premises due to closing time of the library. He is a great inspiration for people having their side hustles while having a day job or turning the side hustle to a full time job. He did sign my book and I am looking forward to reading it to gain oversight into these successful side hustles. Thank you Chris!

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PhotoBooth pics with 100 Side Hustles Book during the official launch of the book,                                                    June 4th, 2019 at Santa Monica Library!

PhotoBooth pics with 100 Side Hustles Book during the official launch of the book, June 4th, 2019 at Santa Monica Library!


Last Saturday April 27th 2019 I contributed my time being the photographer for a 61 mile walk around the city of Las Vegas for this one of a kind experience. It was designed to challenge your comfort zone, support a great cause and connect with great people around the city of Las Vegas, NV. James Silvas of Be that 1% and Brooke Neubauer of The Just One Project were heading it.

The Just One project is a local non-profit who has been serving the Las Vegas community and has been able to feed over 5,000 families on a monthly basis. They have a goals of reaching 10-15,000. All donations went towards their mission to continue to help the disadvantaged in our community. Help them spread the word!

The start point was at Coronado High School and went through destinations consisting of Henderson, Boulder Highway, Downtown Vegas, Red Rock Casino and all the way back to Coronado High School in Henderson, NV with expected duration of 24 hours and a distance of overall 61 miles.
Purpose of the walk was to challenge ourselves to reach for more, raise awareness around great causes and unite the Las Vegas community.

I captured a variety of photos throughout most of the walk since I also participated to. It was a great experience for myself. Some of the photos are below for viewing.

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Happy Thursday!

I was happy to hear that one of clients, Leanna Baucum whom I worked with for design work and some photography was recently published on the PopSugar Fitness website. She talked about her Weight-Loss Transformation story where she discussed what she went through to get where she is at today for her current physique . She is a certified personal trainer in Texas. One of my photos of her was published to showcase her current physique during her fitness transformation journey. It is always a pleasure working with her and very happy to see her story seen by many people. Congrats again Leanna. Very happy for you! Thank you Pop Sugar and Leanna.


Happy Thursday!! Hope all of you are having a great week so far. I was just published for the latest issue of Prototype magazine with IFBB Pro Jennifer Dawn. We shot at Pacific beach last year in the month of September with variety of swimsuits using both natural light and speedlights pending on the outdoor lighting conditions. The tear sheets are below and you can also grab an issue today at

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Thank you.

My day at the Los Angeles Zoo Lights

Happy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to share my opening night visit from a few days ago from LA Zoo lights at the Los Angeles Zoo. This event showcases a variety of colored lights for a nice nighttime holiday light experience throughout the zoo. The opening night had a few special guests such as a tv actor and a baseball player speaking about the Zoo lights. This event is usually shown during the holiday season. I also captured variety of nighttime photos with my DSLR camera. I had a nice time with some photos are attached. I do recommend attending and checking it out if you are a fan of holiday lights. Does anyone have recommendations on other beautiful holiday lighting shows?

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Happy Monday everyone!  I wanted to share my recent photoshoot from last weekend with personal trainer and fitness model Haley Kate. It was our second photoshoot and we shot in the area of Calabasas, CA. We shot in the late afternoon using both natural light and a monolight. We captured beautiful photos highlighting her beautiful physique in a few outfits. She was fun to work with. Can't wait to show some more edited pics from this shoot soon. Have a great day.

CPT Hailey Kate and I after our photoshoot

CPT Hailey Kate and I after our photoshoot

Joe Mikoli, Freelance Graphic Designer and a published photographer

Joe Mikoli is an experienced Freelance Graphic Designer with over a decade of extensive hands-on expertise and a published photographer in Southern California.

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My photoshoot with Bootoga creator and Personal Trainer Jeanette Ortega

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I wanted to share my recent photoshoot from this Sunday with personal trainer and Bootoga creator Jeanette Ortega. We have both shot together a few times and this time was another great shoot in the area of Simi Valley, CA at Santa Susana park. We shot in the late morning using a speedlight and the magsphere diffuser. We captured great photos in variety of yoga exercises such as the one shown in this blog entry. Jeanette is always fun to work with. Can't wait to show some pics from this shoot soon. Have a great day.

Unedited photo of yoga exercise with Jeanette Ortega

Unedited photo of yoga exercise with Jeanette Ortega


Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  I checked out for the first time, the Santa Anita Park where they have horse racing. I was in the area attending 626 Night Market consisting variety of foods and the park was near by. It was near sunset and wanted to catch a glimpse of it before the sun is out. I captured some great photos with my Note 8 mobile since my DSLR camera was in the car during my quick visit and they are here via slideshows. The Note 8 captures beautiful photos though. Hope you like them. Have a great day! 


Happy Sunday! I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip at the Hoover Dam which lies between Arizona and the Nevada borders. It was my first time going to this location and it was amazing even though it had some high winds at times.  I captured some great photos throughout this location and they are here via a slideshow. Hope you like them. Have a great week. 


My super packed weekend at PhotoconLA 2018

Hello everyone,  I just got back a little while ago from my first visit at the Photocon in the Los Angeles, California area. Photocon consists of variety of classes and panels within the creative arts field such as photo and video along with an expo you can purchase and sample items. I was at this event for all 3 days since this Friday.  I benefited from this a variety of ways with the knowledge I acquired from some of the speakers, received my new complimentary headshot shot by pro photographer Bobbi Lane which I'll be using for my new rebrand. I also printed three large prints of my work consisting of birds, landscapes and a yoga sunset featuring Jeanette Ortega of Extreme results fitness and her new Bootoga.  Her yoga sunset piece will be part of a raffle this coming week for a fundraiser to raise funds for an upcoming trip to Nicaragua in to help orphaned kids and others at a tavern in the San Fernando valley, CA area. Pretty excited about it since it is my first time donating a piece of my work for a special cause. I'm planning to attend this fundraiser for a little bit. I also received more tips on how to handle social media to get more traction and opportunities as well and of course,  more lighting techniques to improve my lighting to its full potential.  It was fulfilling and enjoyed it.  Lastly,  I want to wish everyone a great week ahead of us.  I can't believe we are almost in the middle of June. Time flies! Take care! 


My Friday - May 25th 2018

Good morning! I'm up early in the morning making a new blog entry.  Hope all of you are enjoying your holiday weekend so far.  I saw the new film, "Solo: A star wars story" on Friday and it was better than I expected.  I was thought it was not going to be that good due to some reviews I read about it. Yes, it had great action and a surprise cameo by a familiar Star Wars character from the Star Wars Universe. I recommend it if you are a Star Wars fan.  Currently, working on design projects for few clients and editing past photos today while I enjoy this holiday weekend.  Cheers everyone! 

Giving a thumbs up to the new film, "Solo". Picture taken May 25, 2018.

Giving a thumbs up to the new film, "Solo". Picture taken May 25, 2018.